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Eligo 1.0.2

Eligo 1.0.2

Eligo Publisher's Description

Eligo is a collection of puzzle games, originally developed as a clone of the popular Lines game. It now has 8 different gaming modes, like Lines and challenging tournament modes. For the beginner, there is also a free move mode, without the movement restrictions.

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  • 8 unique games modes.
  • Separate high score table for each game mode.
  • Freely customizable board size.
  • Number of different balls is customizable from 5 to 9.
  • Builtin, hyper-linked documentation makes it easy to get started.
  • Theme engine allows for additional first and third party themes.
Changes in 1.0.2:
  • Removed the compressed binary. Not worth the trouble.
  • Changed packaging to use the Eon Games standard of putting images in lib/eongames/<gamename/.
  • Added the industrial theme to the normal package - registering is no longer required to use themes.
  • Removed extensions on all media to stop them from showing up in the Documents tab when installed on SD or CF.
  • Linked dynamically, requiring the eon-libsdl IPK (should be shipped with the binary, or can be downloaded separately from
  • Using the new standard Eon Games packaging - a zip file containing the game, supporting libraries and one or more README files.
Changes in 1.0.1:
  • Fixed a number of issues related to the new ability to move the cursor with the keypad during animations.
  • Fixed so that you can actually play more than one game without restarting (oops!).
  • When loading a save game, restore level and lines displays correctly based on game type.
  • Binary gzipped and uncompressed on load to save some diskspace.
Changes in 1.0.0:
  • Fixed bug in the drawing of the custom board size widget.
  • Increased audio buffer to get better audio quality.
  • Various graphics update and rendering problems fixed.
  • Manual fixes.
  • Bonus now simply adds points in all but the progressive game modes. Simply was too easy before. The points awarded for the bonus is: nrbonus*2000*percentfree. nrbonus is the number of bonuses rewarded in the current game, plus one. percentfree is the percent of the game board which currently is unoccupied.
  • Verified that themes are correctly detected and loaded from any available media (no code changes were needed).
  • Fixed offset bug in default theme (for bonus meter).
  • Greatly increased loading speed and drawing of the game board.
  • Added precaching of tiles, which eliminates choppy animation the first time you play at the current size board.
  • Fixed standard Qtopia key-bindings - press cancel to quit and menu to pop up the menu. Note that if you press cancel while moving a ball, the current move will be cancelled. Also made OK an alias for the d-pad center button.
  • For the registered version, the current game is automatically saved when you exit. It's restored, and deleted from disk, when you restart Eligo.
  • Handling of resize events that occur when the on-screen input method window is opened. Also verified that Eligo does run on a rotated display.
  • Don't draw the "cursor" box when no ball is selected if the stylus is used for moving. It was confusing to have a blue box sitting around for no good reason.
  • You can now move the cursor during animations when playing with the keypad. Note however that you can't select anything until all animations are done.
  • A default name in the highscore dialog plus the last entered name is now remembered. You're very welcome, killefiz. ;-)
  • Removed debug code that caused bombs to appear 8 times as often as they should have in Eligo modes.

Version 1.0b6 has the following changes:

  • Fixed the drawing of the tiles. Before there were some mysterious horizontal lines between every second tile.
  • Fixed bug where lines created when new balls are dropped weren't always eliminated.
  • Sound and music support.
  • Fixed silly bug in the animation loop which essentially made it into a busy loop. Animations should be smoother now (or at least task the CPU less).
  • Significantly improved performance in routines repainting the widget. This will be the most noticeable when animating a large number of tiles. Most noticeable is the Ogile game modes (initialization of the board).
  • Acceleration speed of tiles is now constant no matter the actual frames per seconds (i.e use correct time based acceleration).
  • Fixed bugs with updating of lines and level displays that occured with the Ogile tournament mode (and possibly other modes as well).

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